Regular Meeting

May 14, 2022 – 8:00 a.m.

Pradera Community Center at 5030 Craftsman Drive, Parker, Colorado


Lorilei L. Goes, President [Term May 2022]

Chris Connelly, Secretary/Treasurer [Term May 2022]

Bruce Stewart, Vice President/Asst. Secretary [Term May 2022]

Christopher Lee Vinton, Asst. Secretary [Appointed; Term May 2023] 

Michael Sullivan, Asst. Secretary [Term May 2023] 



1. Call to Order and Declaration of Quorum/Director Qualifications/Disclosures
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of Minutes (March 12, 2022) 
4. District Manager Report:
   a. Community Landscaping – Brightview
      (i) Right-of-way Landscape Maintenance; Spring/Summer Work/Projects
      (ii) Community Center Landscape Maintenance
      (iii) Work Orders
   b. Community Center
      (i) Rental Activity Report
      (ii) Pool Heater Replacement Status
      (iii) 2022 Pool Season Opening/Non-Resident Membership
      (iv) Pool Umbrella Replacements
   c. General Maintenance & Projects
      (i) Ideal Lighting Solutions Report –LED Light Fixture Replacement Work
      (ii) Other
5. Financial Report
      (i) Financial Statements and Payables
      (ii) 2021 Audit
6. General Matters
      (i) Director Appointment – Lorilei L. Goes (*appointment term to May 2023)
      (ii) Oaths of Office (elected Directors Connelly/Stewart; appointed Director Goes)
      (iii) Director Officer Designations (President)
7. Public Comment (items not on the agenda)
8. Next Meeting – Adjourn

2022 Regular Meetings Location
Second Saturday (with the third Saturday being the alternate) at 8:00 A.M. of every other month Please call 303-858-1800 for any questions. Pradera Community Center, 5030 Craftsman Drive, Parker CO
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