Request a Reservation

Request a Reservation

Thank you for your interest in reserving the Pradera Community Center

Please read the Community Center Usage Agreement and fill out the following form to request your reservation.

August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Pinery West Metropolitan District No. 2 (Pradera)
Upper Level of the Community Center Rules and Regulations
The User or Users (individually, or collectively “User”), in consideration of the privilege to use the Upper Level of the Pradera Community Center (“Community Center”) hereby consent to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein and Policies and Procedures Governing the Community Center/Pool and Recreation Amenities (as amended) of the Pinery West Metropolitan District No. 2 (the “District”), as administered by the managing agent (“Managing Agent”), currently:

Karlex, LLC
Attn: Pete Klymkow
4980 Starry Sky Way
Parker, CO 80134
303-877-9620 (cell) (e-mail)

Public Health Notice and Warning – COVID-19

An inherent risk of exposure to the virus that causes the COVID-19 illness exists in the Community Center where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious illness that can lead to severe illness and death. Use of the Community Center, pool and other recreation amenities is AT YOUR OWN RISK and you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Pinery West Metropolitan District No. 2 (the “District”) has determined to open the Pradera Community Center (and pool and other recreation amenities when and if permitted) in full compliance with the current guidelines and orders issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Governor of the State of Colorado, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, and the Tri-County Health Department (collectively, the “Guidelines and Orders”).

The Community Center (and other recreation amenities if opened) will undergo regular cleaning by the District’s service providers. However, by entering the Community Center and the recreation amenities, you are taking responsibility for your own protection and health. You are encouraged to wash your hands frequently and sanitize all surfaces you may touch before and after use.

All reservations and use of the Community Center and recreation amenities must comply with Guidelines and Orders in effect at the time of such use, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Stay at least six feet away from people who are not in your household
  • Wear a mask or other face covering
  • Limit the number of people in a gathering to no more than ten people, or, the maximum amount currently allowed by the Guidelines and Orders
  • Do not enter the Community Center if you have symptoms of illness (cough, fever, etc.)

Failure to comply with the Guidelines and Orders while using the Community Center may result in cancellation of a reservation or termination of use of the Community Center (and applicable recreation amenities) without refund of any sums paid or deposited with the District.

Please stay safe and healthy!


Notification and Scheduling : All functions should be requested through the website at least two weeks (14 days) in advance. The Managing Agent will confirm with the User, by e-mail, that the requested Use Day reservation and starting use time has been approved within twenty-four (24) hours of the request. It is not guaranteed that a requested Use Day or starting use time will be available. Until Managing Agent confirmation of a Use Day/starting use time is received, do not assume your reservation has been approved.

Reservations : Each User will be limited to a maximum of two (2) pending Use Day reservations for the Community Center at any one time. The reservations may be made for any two (2) available calendar days up to one (1) year in advance of the Use Day.

User Fee : Following e-mail confirmation that your reservation request has been approved, a User Fee, currently established at $50.00 per Use Day (subject to change), payable by check to the Pinery West Metropolitan District No. 2, must be submitted by U.S. Mail to the Managing Agent at the address listed above in order to officially secure the Use Day. The User Fee is non-refundable except as provided for in paragraph 13 “Reservation Cancellation” below.
Damage and Cleaning Deposit : Separate from and in addition to the User Fee described in paragraph 3, the undersigned agrees to and must submit a Damage and Cleaning deposit of $100.00 (subject to change) with the Managing Agent, payable to the Pinery West Metropolitan District No. 2, by check. The Damage and Cleaning deposit check will be returned after the Community Center has been inspected, determined to be acceptable per the clean up list described in paragraph 14 below, and no damage was incurred during the User’s Use Day. If necessary, the Damage and Cleaning deposit will be used to pay for cleaning and/or repairs. If the cost of cleaning and/or repairs exceeds the Damage and Cleaning deposit, the undersigned User agrees to pay the additional expense, which is not included in the separate User Fee. The undersigned User agrees to assume responsibility for all damage or cleaning required in excess of the Damage and Cleaning deposit, and shall pay all such excess sums incurred by the District upon demand. The Damage and Cleaning deposit is also subject to additional forfeiture pursuant to paragraph 9 below.
The Damage and Cleaning deposit check should be separate from the User Fee check and both checks should be mailed together to the Managing Agent. Both the User Fee check and the separate Damage and Cleaning Deposit check need to be received by the Managing Agent within 7 days of receiving confirmation of the reservation request to officially secure the Use Day. If these items are not timely received by the Managing Agent, the desired Use Day will be reclassified as available and may be reserved by others.
**The Community Center is a smoke free facility**

Community Center Access : The Community Center is equipped with an electronic lock/keypad that operates the front doors. At the time the User makes their reservation request, a personal keypad lock code (User to pick something easy to remember consisting of a 4 -digit numeric code plus the # key) will be required as part of the reservation request information. Upon approval of the requested Use Day, the lock code will be set for the User for that Use Day. All clean up following an event will need to be done prior to midnight of the Use Day, as the electronic lock will automatically activate at midnight and User access into the Community Center will not be available after that time.

Security System : The Community Center is equipped with a security system located in the foyer area. The security system will be automatically disarmed upon the User entering their personal lock code when entering the Community Center. At the completion of your function, the User will be required to enter the lock code which will lock the front doors and arm the security system.
It is incumbent on the User to remember to lock the front doors/set the alarm at the completion of their function in the Community Center. The District’s recourse against the User for failing to properly lock the Community Center and arm the security system upon leaving is stated in paragraph 15 below.
Pool Usage: The User acknowledges that this Agreement for renting of the Pradera Community Center does not include additional, special or exclusive usage of the pool facility by members of the rental party. Instead, pool usage may be permitted by members of the rental party, but only as separately allowed by the Rules and Regulations for Pool Use where the adult supervision requirements and guest limitation policies are found and will be enforced. The guest limitation policy currently restricts the number of guests a User may have at the pool to three (3) guests and guests are not allowed to use the pool unless the User is present at the pool at all times. Additionally, should the User desire use of the pool during the same time as the rental of the Community Center, the User is required to contact the pool management company, currently Front Range Recreation (303-617-0221), at least three (3) days in advance to inform them of such separate pool use plans, how many Users and guests are expected (the aggregate number of which shall not exceed the per User guest limitation policy), and to inquire if additional lifeguard support will be required. Any costs associated with the provision of additional lifeguard support required for the User’s party will be the sole responsibility of the User and payment therefore shall be paid directly by the User to the pool management company.
Food and Beverages : Food and beverages may be served in the Community Center. No person attending the function, who is under the age of 21, shall be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, either in the Community Center, parking lot, or grounds of the District. In the event that persons under the age of 21 attending the party, whether invited or uninvited, bring alcoholic beverages to the premises, action will be taken to have such beverages removed from the site by the User or chaperone(s), if applicable, and in accordance with paragraph 10 below. If necessary, the User will call the police to seek assistance if underage attendees do not respond to any urging to refrain from alcoholic consumption or to remove alcoholic beverages from the site.
Forfeiture of Deposit : In the event that the above paragraph 8 provisions involving alcohol are not complied with, the Damage and Cleaning deposit, in full, will be forfeited to the District. Such violation of paragraph 8 above will preclude the User from use of the Community Center for a one-year period.

Barbecue grills will not be allowed in the Community Center, on the deck surrounding the upper level of the Community Center or on the common grounds around the Community Center pool area. Barbeque grills are provided for in the park area adjacent to the ball fields, should the User desire them.
Attendance : The Franktown Fire District has established a 46-person limit for the Community Center. Persons under the age of 21 must be accompanied by an adult (21 years of age or older). At any function which a majority of attendees are under age 21, the User will assure that there is at least one adult chaperone present at all times for every ten “under 21” persons present. The adult chaperone(s) must remain in place at the Community Center the entire time of the function.
Wall Decorations : NO tape, staples, nails, or anything that would puncture the walls is allowed.

Noise and Times Available : All guests are required to park in the Community Center parking lot. Noise levels shall be kept at a minimum, and otherwise be in accordance with Douglas County ordinances. All homeowner complaints will be referred directly to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and the function will end at that time. Private functions cannot be scheduled to begin prior to 8:00 a.m. or to end any later than 11:00 p.m.

Reservation Cancellation : The Managing Agent will be advised, by phone or e-mail, of reservation cancellations as soon as possible. Notices of cancellation received by the Managing Agent at least 48-hours prior to your events reserved starting use time on the Use Day will result in the refund or return of the User Fee. All User Fees become non-refundable if no cancellation notice is given or if the cancellation notice is given less than 48-hours prior to the events reserved starting use time.
Clean Up : The User agrees that the Community Center will be left in a neat, clean condition and agrees to clean the Community Center per the checklist below, which the User acknowledges receiving as part of the Agreement, and to remove their trash for disposal off the premises. All clean up supplies and trash bags needed are located under the kitchen sink. A vacuum cleaner, mop/bucket and broom/dustpan are located in the hall coat closet.

Carpet is vacuumed and free of stains
Tile floors are clean
Trash has been removed from the premises, other than that in the bathroom garbage cans (Dumpsters are not provided)
Kitchen sink and countertops are clean
Appliances are clean inside and out
Bathroom sinks are clean
Tables have been cleaned
Furniture is free of stains and damage
Furniture is returned to its original position
Vacuum, mop/bucket, broom/dustpan are placed back in the coat closet
Paper towels are put back on kitchen countertop
French doors to the Great Room are closed

User Liability and Insurance : In addition to the liability in Paragraph 4 above, the User agrees to be responsible for all damage, theft or acts of vandalism that may occur to the Community Center during their Use Time (when the doors are unlocked/open). The User also agrees to be responsible for all damage, theft or acts of vandalism to the interior of the Community Center, which may occur as a result of the User failing to lock the front doors/activate the security system following completion of their function and leaving of the Community Center. Additionally, the User agrees to be responsible for respecting the Community Center’s insurance during their Use Day under this Agreement, and will assert no claim of coverage under any applicable insurance policy of the District during the period of such Use Day.
Enforcement and Indemnification : In the event of any dispute or legal action relating to, or arising out of, the terms of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees. The User shall be responsible for the actions of themselves and their guests and for all costs incurred by the District in enforcing this Agreement. The District shall have all rights available under the District’s governing documents for enforcement of the provisions of this Agreement. Additionally, the User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the District, its agents, Board of Director’s and the Managing Agent from and against any and all claims for damages, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses asserted against any of the foregoing by the User, his or her family, guests, employees or invitees arising in any way from the use, operations or maintenance of the Community Center.